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ITT Tech Schools Close Leaving 35,000 Students In Debt And Without Degrees

The Pen Hustle With Brandy Cavalli

Welp, it finally happened.

Another for-profit college has gone bust, leaving tens of thousands of students in the lurch.

ITT Educational Services announced on Tuesday that it is shutting down its more than 100 ITT Technical Institute campuses immediately, accusing the federal government of unfairly stripping it of eligibility for student aid.

It’s an abrupt move that will impact 35,000 students who are currently taking classes on campuses and online throughout the United States. Many of them are now left without a degree and saddled with student debt.

ITT said it also eliminated the jobs of the “overwhelming majority” of more than 8,000 employees on Tuesday.

Last week, the Department of Education barred the school from allowing any new students to use federal loans to pay for ITT — and the school promptly stopped new enrollment.

This action did not affect Daniel Webster College, a school in New Hampshire owned…

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WATCH: History Channel’s “15 Septembers Later” 

The Pen Hustle With Brandy Cavalli

No matter your age, September 11, 2001 will probably be a day you will never – ever forget. (Side note: I remember making it in front of the television to the sheer horror of the second plane collision. I would liken it to a horror movie, but that was REAL and totally surreal.) All walks of life were lost and/or tremendously affected by the attack on New York. No one felt safe.

‘9/11’ facilitated and forever changed the conversation about terrorism in the United States.

Rest in Peace to all of the innocent lives lost on this unforgettable day in history. Do you know anyone directly affected by the Twin Towers or Pentagon attacks?

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Igniting the Fire Within


Every now and again I’m able to articulate exactly the emotion I am feeling inside. The piece I am sharing below is something I originally wrote for my friend, and co-author of this blog, to use for her business blog. During the month of February I wrote pieces for her business centering on the theme of Perseverance. I am now proud to say that I can write the word perseverance without using spell-check. This blog is the story behind the piece.

I am a runner, and I also do yoga. The two activities complement each other perfectly. A few weeks ago I was indulging in a noon-hour yoga session after having a particularly stressful morning at work. (Turns out that yoga and work also complement each other perfectly…) As I was assuming Dancer’s Pose, which is by far my most favorite asana (posture), the inspiration for this piece landed.


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