There’s no single quality that makes a great leader. Looking across industries, great leaders have different management styles, demeanors, skills, and experiences. However, the one quality I believe every great leader has in common is the ability to relate.

Leaders can achieve that in three ways:

 Active curiosity

First, leaders who can relate are naturally curious about other people. This allows them to engage people by truly listening to what they have to say and getting their perspective—why they think the way they think, what is important to them, and how they would approach a situation. This opens up great leaders to new ideas and creates lasting connections with the people who work for them.

Demonstration of humility

People can relate to leaders who show that they’re down to earth. Humble leaders are able to meet employees on common ground and build more meaningful dialogue, which fosters great relationships and a sense of commonality.

Commitment to kindness

If leaders show their employees that they care—and not just about the business or the task at hand—and take a personal interest in their employees’ well-being, they’ll establish a sense of commitment and loyalty.

via The One Quality That Makes a Truly Great Leader — Fortune