We may think we live in the age of the tech unicorn.

But disruption is coming at us from all corners of industry, as our 2015 ranking of the most influential young people in business shows. There are tech names here, yes, but also stars in health care, autos, finance, food, real estate, comedy, and even ultimate fighting (welcome, Ronda Rousey). The one thing these mavericks have in common: They make their own rules.

For the first time, our list is 100% brand-new; as a result, we’ve named 17 select alumni of the list—some still under 40, many not—to our inaugural 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame.

What exactly is the 40 Under 40?

The 40 Under 40 is a measure of power and influence. Many moons ago—from 1999 until 2003—we ran a different version of the 40 Under 40 list: a ranking purely based on wealth. It was…

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