Anyone not living in a cave has seen the grim statistics on U.S. student debt. About 40 million Americans, or almost three-quarters (71%) of recent college grads, owe a staggering total of $1.3 trillion.

So imagine for a moment that you were a bright young person, on the hook for the average student debt of slightly over $30,000, weighing two appealing job offers. Let’s say they’re comparable in every way, with just one difference: As part of its benefits package, one employer will pay $1,200 a year toward whittling down the balance on your student loans. The other won’t. Which offer would you take?

PwC is betting it’s a no-brainer. Starting next July, the accounting and consulting giant will begin lightening the debt load for associates and senior associates by $1,200 a year for the following six years.

That amounts to $100 a month, “which is more than it sounds…

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