After making a splash a few years ago as a potential alternative to the traditional higher education model, startups offering massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are still trying to find their way. Are these platforms delivering anything of use to learners? And if so, who is benefiting most? On Tuesday, Coursera, the three year-old online learning platform, released data showing that those who complete their courses are seeing benefits on the job.

Coursera, along with the University of Pennsylvania and University of Washington, surveyed 52,000 people who completed its courses. Of those who responded, 52% took online courses to advance their careers. And 87% of that group reported that they experienced some kind of career benefit from taking those courses, including feeling better equipped for a current job or improved candidacy for a new job; 33% reported tangible career benefits, including a pay raise, promotion, a new job, or…

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