Carly Fiorina made the most of the debate spot she had to scrap to secure. The Hewlett-Packard CEO-turned-Republican presidential candidate on Wednesday proved she deserved her place on the main stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library by becoming the first contender to land a body blow on the GOP leader, Donald Trump. And she did it on her way to what many early reviews declared a winning performance on a crowded stage, amid 10 other contenders scrambling for airtime.

Maybe it took another business leader to accomplish what experienced pols could not in taking on Trump without looking diminished for it.

The key exchange between the two — arguably the most memorable in the entire three-hour debate —came when CNN moderator Jake Tapper gave Fiorina a chance to respond to Trump’s recent disparaging comments about her appearance. Fiorina wryly noted that Trump had just needled former Florida Gov. Jeb…

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