For entrepreneurs, it’s hard to know when to call what you’ve started a success; after all, the danger lies in the many definitions of success. Those who adopt a misleading definition are at risk of working very hard to win the wrong race. So here are four of the most common — and most misleading — of what it means to see your business take off.

You’ve attracted outside funding for your startup.

Entrepreneur magazine’s website,, attracts more than 6 million unique visitors each month. When you search the site for ‘success’ you get a long list of articles that tell a common story: After much work, an entrepreneur secures outside funding for his venture. A recent article, “Meet the Young Millionaires of 2015,” is typical. Says the introduction: “With funding ranging from $10.4 million for skincare company Glossier to the whopping $275 million that has gone into…

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