I’ve decided to judge Apple’s big product reveal Wednesday by two measures: the company it keeps and the ideas it appropriates.

Let’s start with the former. During the two-hour-plus presentation at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, I made a list of the companies Apple [fortune-stock symbol=”AAPL”] corralled to help announce its new watches, smartphones, tablets, and TV set-top boxes. These included Facebook (integrating its Messenger app with the Apple Watch), GoPro (ditto), and Hermes, which designed a lovely leather watch band. Apple CEO Tim Cook namechecked IBM and Cisco, Apple’s new best buddies for corporate applications, especially targeting the iPad. Other corporate partners were more surprising, including two that have been bitter enemies of Apple’s, Microsoft [fortune-stock symbol=”MSFT”] and Adobe, each of which showed apps designed for Apple’s supersized iPad Pro.

The usual supsects appeared on the entertainment side, with apps to show off the redesigned, Siri-enabled Apple TV…

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