Is the U.S. becoming a “gig” economy, where an increasing number of workers cobble together a living from jobs picked up on Uber, Airbnb and Taskrabbit, and even those with advanced skills become self-employed super temps?

That’s been the subject of statistical, as well as political, debate in recent months. The Government Accountability Office weighed in on one side, saying that 40.4% of U.S. workers are self-employed, part-time, temps or freelancers, up from 30.6% in 2006. Meanwhile, Adam Ozimek of Moody’s looked at monthly data put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found the opposite – no discernible growth in the percentage of workers who are self employed, and an actual decline in the percentage with multiple jobs.

Over at Bloomberg, Justin Fox posted a piece yesterday evening showing there are problems with both sets of data. His conclusion, after digging deep into the numbers: something…

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