If you’ve got kids, here’s a nasty truth: they’re probably not very special–as in, they’re ordinary, average, unremarkable. Consider the numbers–those applications your daughter is sending to Ivy League schools, for instance. There are more than a quarter of a million other kids aiming for the same eight colleges at the same time, and less than 9% of them will make the cut. And those hours you spend coaching Little League because you just know your son’s sweet swing will take him to the pros? There are 2.4 million other Little Leaguers out there, and there are exactly 750 openings for major league ballplayers at the beginning of each season. That gives him a 0.0313% chance of reaching the bigs. The odds are just as long for the other dreams you’ve had for your kids: your child the billionaire, the Broadway star, the Rhodes scholar. Most of those things are…

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