Incompetence in the workplace always exists. Whether you are an owner of a small store or the head of huge corporation, workplace incompetence is always an issue. There are always people for whatever reason that just can’t seem to do their job correctly. Incompetence is not a mistake that a person makes every once in a while. Incompetence is the same mistake constantly being made over and over again, even after the person has been shown how to fix it.


Here are some ways to deal with incompetence in the workplace and how not to:
One of the most important issues when dealing with work place incompetence is remembering to keep your cool. Nothing gets done when a person takes to yelling and swearing, especially if it’s in front of fellow employees or customers. This will make the employee just feel humiliated and grudging. This tactic does not solve problems. If an employee feels they are being unfairly attacked this could cause their work to become worse. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the situation and think anytime something goes wrong that it must be this person that is doing it. That is not always the case. If a problem arises and there is more than one person in the group discipline all who is involved, not just the person who you think has created the problem.

If a talk is in order with the employee bring them to the office and have a third person unbiased mediator, so they can be witness to the meeting. A good manager is one who always takes the time to listen to their employees. Let the employee explain their view on things and be patient. Let them know the things that you think they do well before pointing out their flaws. It is important to make the employee feel valuable, before performing constructive criticism. Have a brain storming secession with them on ways for them to improve their job performance. You don’t always have to be a stern disciplinarian it is okay to joke but in a professional manner. Or another great tactic is to try and to relate to the employee. Explain situations that you have been in that are similar. Make them feel that you do understand.

As the employee’s performance begins to improve point it out to them and to the other employees. Make sure they know that you are watching and that it is important that their job performance improves. Be ungrudging don’t let their past workplace incompetence effect how you feel later specially if their work has improved. If you feel that you have tried everything and it has done no good, it might be time to seek other options.

When it comes to hiring new employees here are some tips to help keep laziness and incompetence out of the workplace.

Whatever position that you are hiring for make sure the new employee is capable of doing the job right. Now this might be easier said than done when it comes to hiring, but do the best you can. Your safest bet is to always check references. Don’t just take the person’s word on things. Come up with a checklist of questions and make sure they answer all of them in full. If you are unsure perform more interviews. Make sure you hire someone that you believe is competent. It will save you time and money in the long run.