Aggressive companies are always on the prowl for talent. They have a sense of what skills they need now and in the future, and what type of person will be a good fit. They look even when there are no current openings, because one can never predict when an employee might leave.

Recruiting shouldn’t be a daunting task, use the information and data you will collect from potential candidates to give you valuable industry insight. Even if a candidate is not the perfect fit for the current position you are recruiting for, keep a network of hiring potentials for future opportunities. (Keeping a hiring network of pre-screened candidates will also help you cut down on the new applicant pre-screening process.)

Always Be On the Lookout For New Talent

The Social Mob LLC RecruitingAs a recruiter in the music industry, I found the potential to scout talent almost everywhere. (From the bank to the grocery store on a late night run for ice cream.) You may not want to think “work” after work, but consider the possibilities endless. You never know when your next big candidate is standing right in front of you. Remember, “This is your CAREER!” There is never really a bad time to scout for new talent. Networking is a 24 hour job!

Recruiting continuously will keep you in the know with ”the happenings” in the hiring market. Get familiar with candidate profiles which will allow you to gauge general skill set levels, salary requirements and gain general knowledge of industry jobseeker trends. Pay attention to your competition’s hiring ads –after all you are competing to hire the same qualified candidates.

Staying on the hunt for new talent will give you first dibs on the most skilled and qualified jobseekers in various industries. Whether you are an independent contractor or a recruiter for a corporation, remember that the skilled and successful candidates that you recruit, are a reflection of you and your skills!

The more strong, qualified candidates you can present to employers, the better the reward for you, your company and both you and the company’s bottom line. Having an extensive recruiting network is a great way to establish future success within your career.

Your clients hired you to insure that you are helping them find the most versatile, well groomed talent in the market. Being a strong, diligent recruiter will help you stand out among your peers and your clients will reward you with client loyalty and referrals.

Hey, you never know, one day you may be hiring potential candidates for your own company!